Playing the Weather Lottery offers you the chance to win prizes whilst at the same time helping to fund SODA.


How do I enter?

Application forms and cards can be obtained from Patricia Marjoram or downloaded by clicking here


How do I know if I've won?

You can check the winning numbers
by clicking here However, there is no need for you to check them, as all prizes are guaranteed and sent out automatically.



Where does my money go?

All the money is kept securely in a stakeholder fund, and after paying prizes and administrative costs the rest comes to SODA.




How does the lottery work?

Choose 6 numbers from 0 - 9. If your numbers match the last digit of the daily Fahrenheit temperatures (in the right order of Corfu, Istanbul, Tenerife, Innsbruck, Edinburgh and Stockholm), you win prizes as follows;

Match Three to win £2

Match Four to win £20

Match Five to win £250

Match Six to win £25,000 Jackpot


When do the draws happen?

Every week


How much does it cost?

Each entry line (ie each set of 6 numbers) costs £1 per week.


How do I pay

The standard options and cost per entry line are;

* Pay £13 by cheque to enter one line for 13
   weekly draws (minimum)

* Set up instruction to pay £13 every 13 weeks by    credit card until further notice

* Set up standing order to pay £4.34 every month.





Registered with : Breckland Council
Licence number  : 83
Promoter : Patricia Marjoram

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