Here are some pictures of the 2014 exhibition which took place at

Wells Cathedral

Monday 11th - Sunday24th






















































































21st National Exhibition 2014: Wells Cathedral


There are so many people to thank for this Exhibition, starting with Paul Austin who worked on the planning, received entries and produced the catalogue, which was then printed by our Webmaster John Pizzey along with Paul’s poster design and I then had copies made here for display as effectively as possible. It is sad that Paul had to have surgery just before we started so never saw what the final result was.


Almost all the pictures just fitted into my garage room, and were sorted so that each group’s work was kept together and checked against the catalogue.


Then came setting-up day, and Malcolm Allen and a cathedral friend, Tony Heaton, had their two cars outside my door well before 9am.  Paintings, easels etc were then delivered into the hands of a small but hard working team of setters-up: Peggy McDonald and Maureen Simon, who work with Wells SODA, and fellow artists Barbara Duncan and Carol Russell, with Sue Allen joining us later.  By the end of the day satisfaction and exhaustion mixed!


It was great to have Tim, our Chairman, stewarding the following morning and it was great to have help from some cathedral friends including Brian Roberts-Wray who found himself acting as a cathedral guide as well as directing people to the toilets!  My most penetrating question, demanding a thorough answer, was “what difference did the Reformation make to the cathedral?”  I’ve never had to answer a theological question before at a SODA exhibition!


Three groups did not send enough pictures to fill their allotted space, and none of you sent enough pictures (as invited) to fill extra space, so Wells Group volunteered to fill the gaps, especially in the ‘browser’ which is a magnet for visitors looking for something affordable.


Top price paid was £70, followed by Brenda Paddy’s lovely Iris drawing at £60. Those of you who I think undervalued yourselves by asking £10 only possibly took trade from members asking a well-deserved little bit more.  Most sales were for pictures priced between £10 and £30; while many bigger paintings (and we could have done with more of them to ‘balance’) were much admired, people are still being very cautious with their money and tourists prefer something light and unframed for their luggage.  


24 pictures were sold in all, 7 of them framed.


Gill Kelly



Wells 2014: Extracts from the Visitors Book


Among many appreciative entries, I quote:-


12/8 What talent! Amazing art, showing such warmth, detail and understanding of Creation.


14/8 A striking amount of talent, the portraits almost move, they are so lifelike. But this is also true of the flowers, birds and still lifes.  Thank you.


14/8 A really impressive collection of beautiful artwork.  Thank you for sharing!


15/8 I am very impressed with this collection


23/8  Don from St John’s College, Oxford wrote:  Wonderful craftsmanship.  Well done, everyone.


23/8 Varied and well displayed.  Congratulations all round.