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Buying from the Gallery

If you are considering purchasing a work please email (without obligation)

                                   and we will arrange for the artist to contact you.


Please note the following:

1) Prices shown are for the artwork only (including frame, unless stated otherwise).  If you require delivery this might be possible but there may be additional cost.  You will need to discuss this with the artist.

2) SODA is only providing a service of putting you in touch with the artist.  From then on it will be a private transaction between you and the artist.  SODA is not making a recommendation or offering a guarantee and cannot accept liability for the accuracy of the information provided or for anything that occurs either during or after the transaction.

3) SODA and the web site is run on a voluntary basis in people’s spare time.  As a result the response to an enquiry may not be as fast as you would expect from a commercial operation. Please be patient but if you think something has gone wrong please contact the webmaster at the address shown on the contacts page.

4) If an artwork is sold it will be removed from the web gallery as soon as possible however there might be a short period before this happens.  We apologise for any disappointment this might cause.