Anniversary Year
Gallery submission
Please note this is for SODA members only

Tips for how to photograph your work;









These guidelines should help you to take a perfect photo however don’t worry if you can’t follow them exactly.  Just send what you can and we will see if we can use it.

NB If your painting is small enough and unframed you might find it easier to use a scanner.


To avoid distortion, line camera up with centre of picture and make sure picture is square on to camera (NB a slight angle with shade behind you can help avoid photographing your own reflection in the glass).

Also make sure you are not too close for the camera to focus.


Ensure picture is well lit (preferably by daylight) and check for reflections from the glass. Turn off camera flash!

If light is poor rest camera on a solid surface to avoid camera shake

Don’t forget to include the frame in the photo if you are selling it

Before sending your photo use a viewer to check digital photo is in focus

If using a digital camera it should be 2Mpixel or more

How it works

You send a photo of the artwork(s) you want to exhibit, plus other details, to the webmaster. (This must be your own original artwork.  You must not use this gallery to sell works for or by other people).  

The photo of your artwork will be put on the web site.

If someone is interested in purchasing the artwork they will contact us using the soda-gallery email address.

We will then send you the contact details for the buyer and from then on you take over handling the sale.

The buyer might ask you to arrange delivery of the work.  You must decide if you are prepared to do this and, if so, how you will send it.  You will need to agree an additional cost with the buyer if appropriate.  

The buyer will pay you directly and you take responsibility for ensuring that they do so.  A face to face cash transaction would be the most secure option.

If the sale is successful you should then contact the webmaster to have the photo removed from the gallery.


Do I have to sell my work?

No, if you just want to exhibit your favourite works then just mark the selling price as NFS.


What details do I need to supply and where do I send them?

Please send the details listed below to the webmaster as a normal email with digital photo(s) or scans attached*.  The address is;


Please supply the following information in your email;

Then for each picture you are submitting;

*If your photo is on paper or a slide, and you are not able to scan it, you can post it to the webmaster (see address in your magazine contacts page).  If you want the photos returned please enclose a suitable size stamped addressed envelope.  Please don’t send the original artwork, only a photo.  Please also enclose your phone number in postal submissions so that we can contact you quickly if a buyer is interested in your painting.


What do I have to pay?

It is free to exhibit your works on the web site and you can exhibit more than one work.  If your work is for sale and it does sell then you will be asked to pay a commission of 10% of the selling price, up to a maximum of £5 per picture.  This will be put towards the running costs of the society. The payment should be sent to the treasurer.



SODA is only providing a service of putting you in touch with a potential buyer.  From then on it will be a private transaction between you and the buyer.  The buyer has not been checked out by SODA.  You should exercise the appropriate caution.  SODA cannot accept liability for the accuracy of the information provided or for anything that occurs either during or after the sale.