Anniversary Year

Tell us about your event


If you would like your SODA event reported on the web site then please let me have the following;


1) Any photos (or videos) if you have them. (The more the better).

  You must have taken the photo yourself or have permission to use it from the    person who took it.

  Please let me know if it includes any members of the public who were not part of    the group.

   There is no need to edit the photos, unless you want to, I can take care of this.


2) A short description similar to the examples on the events page.  

   This should include;     

   A) Your name

   B) Which group held the event    

    C) When it was held

   D) The place you visited / what you did

   E) Any interesting facts or anecdotes

If you know how to attach photos to emails then please send the information to



Otherwise you can post the information and photos to me at the Webmaster address shown in your members magazine.  If you want anything that you send returned please let me know and include your return address.