Anniversary Year

People who become disabled suffer far more than just loss of physical mobility. Loss of livelihood, reduced self-esteem, curtailed social life and a sense of isolation are just some of the issues which have to be tackled.

The Society for Disabled Artists (SODA) aims to help meet these needs. Most disabled people find that working with pen, pencil, brush, ink and paint, even if they have never done it before, is not only an absorbing pastime, but also a vital form of self-expression. If they can join a group of like-minded people on a regular basis, they not only form new friendships but also improve their technique and enjoy their art even more.

SODA has Groups across the country for disabled artists to join which meet regularly throughout the year. While Groups are the core of our work, SODA also welcomes individual members, some of whom later form groups in their home area. In addition to regular meetings SODA also holds an annual National Exhibition, which gives members a chance to exhibit and sell their work. There is also an annual week-long Painting Holiday Conference for members. Also a magazine free to all members

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