Anniversary Year

SODA is a small registered charity, with fewer than 20 groups and an annual turnover of less than £50,000. Disabled people can seldom afford to pay high membership fees, and whilst some local authorities support SODA groups in their areas, we need extra funds in order to:

   Develop new groups

   Better support existing groups

   Help individual members


To achieve these goals we have set up two schemes:

   Friends of SODA

   Corporate Patrons of SODA

Friends of SODA

There is a minimum annual subscription of £10 for individuals and £15 for families. On joining, new members receive a lapel badge and a membership certificate. All members are sent an annual newsletter.


For a membership form or to make a donation please contact Richard Green - National Treasurer


Corporate Patrons of SODA

There is a minimum annual subscription of £100. The names of Corporate Patrons will be featured on all printed materials produced by SODA.


For a membership form please contact Tim Scott - National Chairman